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Visual storytelling is THE WAY to communicate with your audience. A short 3-5 minute video tells your story while keeping their attention. WARD 1 Productions will help you draft your narrative (we think strategy with you), design and implement your content and edit your final piece.

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Think you may want to make a video someday? Do yourself a huge favor and start gathering footage now. This candidate was able to give us her historical footage through many seasons (we didn’t take this photo) - and it made her final video much much more effective.

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Sure, everyone can take a selfie. Taking that singular image that captures a person, a moment or a place takes considerable more time, talent, training and equipment. Our team knows perfect locations with perfect light for a perfect image.

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Keeping up with the Joneses was hard enough… now you have to keep up with your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and and and… We can help with that. We’re digital natives, after all, and can manage gathering content, updating and responding to keep your community informed, engaged and excited.



The Underground is an open venue where musicians and dancers can showcase their work. Ypsi is FULL of talent. Yes The Underground started with hiphop genres - rap, spoken word, DJ, breakdance - but we’ll love all art. You want to perform? We want you. The only rule is to bring your support and share your love.

Participants: Email info@ward1productions.com with up to 15 min of music in mp3 file format. We’ll let you know when we can include you in an upcoming set.

Supporters - Please contact us to support youth training and programming through our 501 (c) 3 non-profit partner, Ypsi Youth Productions

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Got something else in mind?

Give us a call - we’ve done classes for elementary age kids, brainstormed with political campaigns and many more. We’re open to your ideas - just give a call.