Hi.  We're WARD 1 Productions, Ypsilanti's youth-driven creative agency.


WARD 1 Productions creates effective, authentic and fun content through photography, videography and social media management.  We also produce Ypsi’s Underground youth venue, because that's lit too.  

We are a team of committed adults and talented youth who believe that the creative economy offers a path to a sustainable, invigorating life to people from all walks of life.   Our customers' stories sing with powerful content from our own unique perspectives.  And everything we do, we do with pride.

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Ypsilanti is the force. It has always been the force.

chaplain william simmons


We are located in Ypsilanti's historic Ward 1 voting district.  For hundreds of years our neighborhood has been at the forefront of African-American culture from farming to civil rights.  We know our feet are on hallowed ground.  Our place grounds us.



Ward 1 Team